Important dates

Abstract submission opens
16 February 2017
Registration opens
6 March 2017
Symposium submission deadline
2 June 2017
Abstract submission deadline
16 June 2017
Abstract notification to authors
14 July 2017
Scholarship notifications to applicants
21 July 2017
Presenter registration deadline
1 September 2017
Accommodation booking deadline
25 September 2017
Early bird registration deadline
13 October 2017
29-31 October 2017
Conference partner

Welcome to ACPE 2017

An Asian Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology (ACPE) in Australia has been a long-awaited meeting. From the beginning of the history of ACPEs since 2006, Australia was an important component but not just a ‘supporter’. In other words, “Asia” in the “ACPE” has always included Australia.

In 2016, the structure of the ACPE was augmented and firmly established as an official activity of International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE). The 10th ACPE in 2017 is the first of the “next generation” ACPEs. The “new” ACPE should enable the higher quality contents and easier participation (e.g., affordable registration fee and scholarship) than ever.

I am looking forward to seeing as many Asian people (and those from other areas) as possible in Brisbane to study together and communicate with each other to achieve further development of pharmacoepidemiology in Asia.

Dr Kiyoshi Kubota
ISPE President

About ISPE

The International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE) is a non-profit international professional membership organisation dedicated to advancing the health of the public by providing a forum for the open exchange of scientific information and for the development of policy; education; and advocacy for the field of pharmacoepidemiology, including pharmacovigilance, drug utilization research, outcomes research, comparative effectiveness research, and therapeutic risk management.

ISPE convenes an International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology each year, as well as a regional Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology in Asia. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss key issues in pharmacoepidemiology through plenaries, podium presentations and posters as well as symposia where experts address topics of interest in the field. A preliminary day is also scheduled in which educational sessions are available at both basic and more advanced levels. These meetings offer an excellent opportunity for networking and social interaction with colleagues engaged in pharmacoepidemiology in Government, industry and academia.


IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU CHECK YOUR VISA REQUIREMENTS WELL IN ADVANCE OF YOUR DEPARTURE DATE. Please see General information for further information about visas.